What Laptop Specs do I Need for Editing YouTube Videos?

What Laptop Specs do I Need for Editing YouTube Videos

Vlogging or video blogging has become increasingly popular today due to one or more reasons. Vloggers today not only invest in the best vlogging cameras to capture crisp and clear video footage but also use myriad different channels to promote their vlogs such as YouTube.

However, most vloggers do edit their videos in order to ensure top-notch quality before publishing and this is mostly done on laptops. So, the big question that tends to crop up among vloggers both novice and seasoned professionals is that what laptop specs do I need for editing YouTube videos?

Before revealing the essential laptop specs for video editing, it is important to note that you should also give some thought to getting the right video editing software because it can make a world of a difference in your picture quality. With that said, here’s what specs to look for in the best video editing laptop.

Factors to Consider in Best Video Editing Laptop

If you are looking for some factors to consider in Best Video Editing Laptops then no more worries about system requirements for editing videos for YouTube as we have mentioned all the details below just for you.

First, it depends on what your computer can handle, how much of that you plan to use, and whether or not you’ll be rendering (transcoding) any footage down during editing. Let’s break it down by category:

1.) Hard Drive – This is perhaps the most important spec to consider in a YouTube video editing laptop as it determines the number of videos along with other forms of media and data you can store and edit on the fly.

Even if you weren’t using the laptop to edit YouTube videos, it is wise to buy a laptop that offers at least 500 GB worth of storage space, because even small files can add up quickly.

Next most important aspect to consider is the speed of a laptop hard drive for video editing. And the reason it is important is that even though you may have a large hard drive that can store a ton of files, it will take longer to open each file and software to edit it if the speed is slow as a snail.

SSD hard drives are faster than most other types of hard drives and make an ideal choice for video editing tasks. Although SSD hard drives tend to be more expensive than most other hard drives, if you want to dump footage and edit on the go without any hiccups, they are your best bet.

2.) Processor/CPU – The faster is the better. You don’t have to blow your bank on an industrial processing unit, but you should look for at least a dual-core processor. If you are only planning to do some light editing (lots of previews and not much rendering), then any modern CPU with 4 or more cores (including dual-core processors) will work just fine.

The processor is sometimes regarded as the heart of a YouTube video editing laptop and is sometimes more important to than the graphics card. If you tend to run several applications at one time especially memory intense applications, you will need a great processor to ensure that they run smoothly.

Even if you’re just getting your feet wet with vlogging and editing videos, it is highly recommended that you opt for a i5 processor or i7 if it fits in with your budget. But you should keep in mind that the processor of a YouTube video editing laptop, RAM, storage, and graphics card work harmoniously, so ensure that you don’t overlook the specs of these other components.

3.) RAM (Random Access Memory) – When you begin to edit video files, your laptop is going to require a place to save them as they are created. This is where the laptop’s RAM power comes into play, and the larger it is, the more space it will have to work with to store these temporary files.

With regards to just how much RAM do you need for editing YouTube videos, it depends on the type of videos you’re editing. For example, if you’re editing 4k videos, then buy a youtube video editing laptop that offers at least 8 gigs of RAM.

But the higher the RAM, the higher the price, so if you don’t think you’re going to need a larger amount of RAM just yet, buy a vlog editing laptop that allows you to add more RAM later on.

4.) Graphics Card (GPU) – A graphics card is also an important component of a video editing laptop, and its main role is to transition footage from data to pixels.

this is strictly for Premiere Pro only, and will only be used if you chose to render (transcode) footage using GPU acceleration. If you chose not to use GPU acceleration, then don’t bother with a graphics card.

When checking out the best laptops for editing YouTube videos, you will come across two big names in the graphic cards space — NVIDIA and AMD Graphics, so choosing any one of the two is your best bet.

One thing to take note of when choosing the best graphics card is that, unlike RAM that you can most of the time upgrade, it is not possible to upgrade a laptop’s graphics card, so buy one that suits your needs from the get go.

5.) CPU/GPU intensive footage – If you are editing CPU or GPU intensive footage, then consider some of these things: getting faster drives to transcode your footage to a more edit-friendly codec install NVIDIA’s CUDA acceleration plugin for Premiere Pro under Preferences > General For NVIDIA graphics cards only.

6.) GPU Intensive Footage – If you are editing footage that is GPU intensive, then consider some of these things: transcode your footage to a more edit-friendly codec install Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration plugin under Preferences > General For Intel graphics cards only, I recommend turning on Quick Sync Video acceleration under Preferences > Previews Cache > Accelerate previews via Quick Sync Video On the fly playback performance will be better, but you’ll also need to install an app that can take advantage of it. I recommend VSDC Free Video Player (it’s free for both personal and commercial use).

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Apart from considering the above factors when buying a laptop for editing YouTube videos, you should also try and make your tasks even more convenient with other features such as an SD card slot to transfer media back and forth, and most importantly battery life.

If you are using a desktop PC then it’s okay to compromise on the features but when buying a laptop for editing videos on YouTube then port availability becomes significant too so check out what all things are supported by your new laptop.

Additionally, since working with a laptop’s integrated mousepad/trackpad can be a daunting task, you may find it helpful to invest in a good ergonomic mouse especially when working across prolonged periods.