Gaming on the go: How to Get Your Laptop Ready for Overwatch

How to Get Your Laptop Ready for Overwatch

Gaming on the go can be difficult. As mobile devices have become more powerful, so has the gaming industry. But with this power comes a new challenge: how to play these games when you are away from your console or computer? Fortunately, there is an app for that!

Enter Overwolf’s in-game overlay software which allows you to use your laptop as a controller and displays information about what is happening in-game. This means that even if you’re just at work or on vacation, you can still enjoy all of your favorite titles without sacrificing any of the quality!

So how do I get my laptop ready for Overwatch? Easy! Just download our free overlay software onto your desktop and install it onto your laptop using one of our installation guides.

Once you have it up and running, follow the rest of our installation guide to learn how to play your favorite games! We also have a support section if there are any issues that you experience.

When using this type of software, remember that just because your laptop can’t run the game doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to play it!

What is Overwolf’s in-game Overlay Software and How Does it Work?

Overwolf is an application that allows users to perform certain actions within their video games without having to minimize the game. This can be achieved by downloading other user-created apps, which are known as plugins, or by creating your own app if you have the know-how for it.

Many of these apps do similar things, but they can also be very unique from each other. For example, one plugin offers a friends list app for LoL called Overwolf League Friends, while another offers an in-game browser for browsing the web during those long CoD respawn times. The sky is truly the limit here as to what you can integrate into your game through this program.

Within Overwatch itself, there are many different apps that an Overwolf user can create. We will explore the ones that focus on improving performance as well as those that provide alternatives to standard features that have been left out of this game.

First, let’s take a look at what Overwatch is for those who might not know much about it. Overwatch has become a very popular first-person shooter since its official release on May 24th, 2016. This game has been able to reach both casual and professional gamers alike because of its large variety of unique characters that each have their own playstyle.

Overwatch takes place on a team-based objective mode that pits two teams of six against each other as they try to complete their specific goals. The game is very similar to games like Team Fortress 2 where players are able to choose their characters before they enter the match in hopes of gaining an advantage over their opponent.

Overwatch is one of the most popular steam games out right now and has been recognized through many gaming awards such as the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards where it won Game of the Year 2016.

8 Tips to Optimize Overwatch on Your Laptop

Many players are having trouble running Overwatch on their laptops due to the game not being able to meet the recommended specifications needed. If you are experiencing these issues, try restarting your laptop and see if that makes the game run better. If it doesn’t work, then you can follow our tips to optimize Overwatch on your laptop.

1. Upgrade Your RAM and Processor

If you’re playing Overwatch on a laptop, chances are that it’s not as powerful as your desktop. If there was ever a reason to invest in a good laptop stand, this is probably it.

2. Check For System Updates

Before you get started, you should update your system to the latest software and drivers. Overwatch was developed to work best on Windows 7 or higher, so you need at least that operating system installed to play it. If your laptop is older than 6 years old, it’s time for an upgrade.

3. Configure Your Settings

Once you’ve got everything updated, you need to configure your settings for maximum performance. That means setting the game to High-Performance mode in Power Options and then clicking Change plan settings. Click Change advanced power settings, find the Processor Power Management option, and set it to Maximum Performance.

4. Customize Your Control Scheme

There are two custom control schemes built into the game, but if you’ve set your Windows system to your preferred keyboard layout, you might notice that Overwatch still uses QWERTY. Well, it’s not a mistake; It’s the game’s way of letting you switch between custom control setups. To swap them out, just open Options > Controls, select either Custom 1 or Custom 2, and then click Save.

5. Tweak Graphics Settings

Overwatch is meant to run on high-end PCs with powerful GPUs. However, if you’re playing on a laptop that doesn’t meet that minimum requirement (by far the most common problem), then you’ll have to use your laptop’s built-in graphics card instead. With that in mind, the ideal graphics settings will depend on how well your laptop does with 3D rendering in general.

6. Don’t Ignore Overwatch’s Other Graphics Options

The Video options menu also contains a few other important tweaks to help make your laptop play Overwatch better. For one, the Render mode lets you choose between the display (the laptop’s screen) and undistorted (the native resolution of your laptop’s built-in monitor).

The Reduce Motion option will prevent any unnecessary camera movements during matches while Dynamic lighting will help draw more attention to objects in the game.

7. Close Extra Windows

It sounds like common sense, but you’ll need as much RAM to play Overwatch as you can get. When programs take up too much memory, your laptop falls back on virtual memory, which is far less efficient at processing game graphics.

8. Don Avoid Using Wireless Mode

Playing Overwatch online will be the best experience if you’re using a wired connection. Otherwise, your latency will be higher and you may even drop out of matches from time to time. However, if that’s not an option for you then you should connect your wireless router to your system with a cable.

If none of these options work, it’s time to start looking for a new laptop. Even if you’ve got a powerful gaming desktop, it’s not worth trying to run Overwatch on your laptop. It’s just too much of a resource hog.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

In this article, we have provided 8 tips for optimizing Overwatch on your laptop. These will help you get a better experience when gaming and hopefully improve the stability of the game itself. Hopefully, these steps will help you play Overwatch more easily on your laptop.

That’s all you need to do to optimize Overwatch on your laptop. If none of these tips help, you can do some research on your own to look online for the best way to make the game run better on your laptop, maybe with a different operating system or graphics card.