Are Laptops Good for Streaming?

Are Laptops Good for Streaming

It is a common misconception that laptops are not good for streaming. On the contrary, they are an excellent choice for streamers looking to get started on the cheap. They also provide more features than desktop computers at similar price points, making them an even better option for many streamers.

This misconception comes from a general lack of understanding about the unique needs of streamers. In particular, they will need their streaming computer to be as lightweight as possible and have a minimal amount of storage space due to the file sizes from recording game play videos. They also will need their computer to be able to process those files as quickly as possible for a smooth streaming experience.

This blog post is written to help readers understand the components that make having a laptop good for streaming. By understanding their needs, Streamers can choose the best laptop options for them and know what to look for in order to maximize performance.

Components of a Good Laptop for Streaming

Streamers need their laptop to be able to process files quickly. This means they will need an Intel Core processor (I5, I7) in order to handle the encoding process. Most new processors are quad-core, which allows them to have four processing cores that can work together on one file.

The newest generations of these processors are specifically designed for streaming, with the I7 being the highest tier available for speed and efficiency when encoding videos.

Streamers also need their laptop to have enough RAM in order for this process to run quickly. Each file that they are trying to encode will require some level of processing power in order to convert and upload it to their streaming network.

If the laptop only has 4 GB of RAM, there is a chance that some files will not be able to process and stream quickly enough for viewers to enjoy the experience.

A Streamer’s laptop needs to be lightweight in order to make traveling with it as easy as possible. This helps them maintain their portability and reduce lugging around heavy equipment.

A standard laptop will weigh at least 5 pounds, which is likely too heavy for the average streamer to consider bringing with them everywhere.

Streamers also need their laptops to have enough storage space in order for this process to run quickly. Each file that they are trying to encode, such as game play videos, will be at least 1 GB in size.

If they are unable to have enough storage space for these files, Streamers will need to use external hard drives to store them on. This makes it difficult to take their entire catalog with them on the go and oftentimes results in a lack of content while traveling.

Streamers need their laptops to be as lightweight as possible. This makes standard laptops with screens and keyboards too bulky for the average streamer to consider bringing with them everywhere.

A more portable option is a laptop tablet, which can usually weigh less than 3 pounds and allows Streamers to easily take their content within reach at all times.

Laptops vs. Desktop Computers: Why Laptops are a Better Bet

Streaming requires hardware. A gaming laptop already has this hardware built-in, while desktop computers require you to buy components and build your computer piece by piece—a process that can be quite intimidating for new users.

Most laptops come with dedicated graphics cards that can handle games at 1080p without breaking a sweat. Streamers using laptops can simply access their Steam library and download the games they want to play.

It is hard to deny that laptops are more convenient than desktop computers, which require you to build them from scratch. Laptops are also smaller, making them easier to move around your home for an optimal streaming position.

Laptops have another benefit over desktop computers: they are easier to upgrade. As your stream gains popularity, you can easily install faster components in your machine for better performance.

Laptops are also cheaper than desktop computers because there is no need to buy other expensive peripherals like monitors, keyboards, and mice. Many laptops have fantastic displays that are more than adequate for streaming purposes.

What Specs do you need for a Good Streaming Laptop?

Most streaming computers come with an Intel i5 for the CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and a dedicated graphics card. There are no other components that you need to worry about because these three already cover all your streaming needs.

All you need to do is find the best configuration available in your budget. The $1000 price point has some of the most powerful available laptops that are great for streaming.

Some people are still concerned about overheating issues when running games on their laptops. Fortunately, this is not a problem because processors have become much more efficient in distributing heat to prevent overheating.

Most importantly, you will need a good internet connection to stream with. If your upload speed is lower than 3 Mbps, then you will need to upgrade it.

As with any product, there are a few limitations when purchasing a laptop for streaming. Laptops usually have smaller screens, which can make multitasking more difficult. In addition, most laptops do not support multiple graphics cards—a major plus for desktop users who want to take advantage of SLI or Crossfire to improve performance.

Fortunately, these issues are not deal-breakers for most people. Laptops are fantastic options for streamers who want to get started on the cheap while having access to an easy-to-upgrade machine.

Conclusion & Final Words

If you are an aspiring streamer, then I hope this article has helped you realize that laptops are good for streaming. Although there are certain caveats, owning a laptop is much easier than having to own both a laptop and a desktop computer. You can simply work on your content right out of the box!

Now, how about you tell me what you think? Are Laptops Good for Streaming? Leave a comment below, also don’t forget to share. Thank you!