Are Laptops Good for Music Production?

Laptops for Music Production

What does it take to be a good producer? It takes the skills and tools that every music producer needs. And as technology evolves, so do these tools. Remember when we were using floppy disks for our beats back in the day? Nowadays, producers are using laptops! So if you’re looking to get into producing, or just want to know what you’ll need for your next production session, read on!

Are Laptops Good for Music Production? Well, a laptop is a great place for music production because it’s mobile and comes with a whole suite of tools that you can take everywhere! Not only that, but they’re versatile – able to be used in almost any environment. From bedroom studios to professional studios, producers are taking their laptops with them everywhere!

Why are Laptops Better than Desktops for Music Production?

Laptops are much better than Desktops for Music Production in certain key areas and we mentioned some of the main reasons why producers prefer using laptops over Desktops.

Portability: Music production is often a laborious process with hours spent in the studio to make even minutes of music. You’ll need your logic session files, software plugins, song samples, sound libraries folder, and more with you at all times. Combine that with just the sheer weight of the DAW you’re running on your laptop – they can get heavy!

Versatility: You never know when inspiration will strike or what projects will come up next that need your attention! Laptops allow for so much more versatility in their use than traditional desks/monitors do – especially home studios. Being able to have most everything set upright on top of your laptop where you can access it on a whim is something that’s easily done with laptops.

Affordability: Most producers are starting from scratch when they get into making beats – and almost all of them will need some sort of studio equipment regardless! Desktops are expensive, big, and bulky which doesn’t allow for the easy portability or versatility that laptops do. They might be better than home studios but it’s still not the same as having something you can take with you!

For these reasons, laptops are the obvious choice for any music producer to choose from when they’re looking for where to produce their beats! So if you’re wondering what kind of laptop will suit your needs, read on – we’ve got everything you need to know here!

What Do You Need to Know about Laptops for Music Production?

Before you even start looking for a laptop, there are some things that you need to know which will help prepare you when it comes time to actually purchase one! So here’s everything you need in order to get the best possible laptop for your music production!

RAM: Most producers won’t ever reach the maximum RAM that their laptop can hold. However, having more RAM will allow your laptop to work faster and run larger files (such as samples) that can really slow down your laptop if you don’t have enough RAM.

Hard Drive Size: A larger hard drive will allow you to save more songs, projects, and samples on your laptop computing machine. However, you’ll also want to consider the speed of your Hard Drive when looking at laptops – especially if you plan on saving samples or songs on your laptop!

Processor: This is another area where there’s a lot of jargon and acronyms you don’t understand. Your processor (CPU) will dictate how fast your laptop can complete tasks, especially those that require intensive processing such as sampling or exporting tracks. You’ll want to go for more GHz (Gigahertz) on your processor if possible.

Operating System: Windows or Mac? It’ll be up to you which operating system you want on your laptop. They’re both great choices, but some laptops can have issues depending on what operating system they come preloaded with (from the manufacturer). If this is an issue for you, take a look at our article here that explains the difference between Windows and Mac!

Price: Pricepoint for laptops is always key – and it’ll be directly related to how powerful your laptop will be. The more you spend, the better specs you’ll get on your machine! As we mentioned before, don’t take this as gospel though – laptops can have varying specs depending on a number of factors.

How to Choose the Right Laptop for Music Production?

Think about what exactly you’ll be using your laptop for – will you be sampling? Producing? Everything else? This is a big factor in picking the right laptop for you. If producing is the only thing you’ll be using it for, then paying money for something entirely too powerful may not be necessary – especially if producing isn’t something that takes up much time.

On the other hand, if music production is one of your passions and it takes up a lot of your time, look for a laptop with an i7 processor and at least 8GB of RAM – you’ll be running your production software effectively!

Other Considerations When Buy a Laptop for Music Production

When purchasing a laptop, there are other things to look at. The warranty for the laptop will be an important consideration because if something goes wrong with your laptop it could be costly to fix.

The battery life on the laptop is another area to think about – particularly if you’ll be using your laptop in areas where there is no access to power outlets.

Tips on How to Use Your New Laptop in the Studio or at Home

Here are some helpful tips when using your laptop in the studio or at home!

  • Get a Backpack with Good Padding – This will help not only with protection but also provide comfort while you’re carrying your laptop around!
  • Make Sure to Show that Your Laptop Belongs to You – Get a laptop bag or sleeve that’ll be clear that this is yours, and not someone else’s!
  • Buy a Cover – Laptops are often used in transit, so make sure to protect it with a cover!
  • Keep it Clean – Don’t let your laptop become too cluttered because this can cause things like dust or food particles to enter the laptop and cause damage.
  • Keep Yourself Organized – Don’t wait until the last minute to plug things in, charge your laptop, etc. By doing this you’re more likely to avoid any unnecessary hassles.

Conclusion & Final Thought

Laptops are great for music production because they offer portability, versatility, and affordability. They’re also better than desktops in many ways you can take them on the go or turn them into a performance rig with an external keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

However, the flexibility of a laptop comes at a cost. They’re not as powerful, can’t be upgraded nearly as easily, and have faster-burning batteries. However, if you want to get into music production on a budget this is your best option.